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Bait and Switch Tactics

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I’ve seen super cheap coupon deals in my mailbox for cleaning my air ducts. Why shouldn’t I use one of these companies?

Everyone has seen the coupon deals for home services – oftentimes it is a bottom dollar price for whole house air duct cleaning. It seems too good to be true, and unfortunately, it usually is. Northern Virginia resident Lisa Smith saw a duct cleaner’s $34 coupon and decided to give it a try.

The technician came while Lisa was at work, so her boyfriend let him in. Shortly after, Lisa received a text from her boyfriend saying, “You’ve got mold.” Lisa asked the technician to send her pictures. The ones he texted her looked like dirt and dust, not mold. She asked if he could just clean out the obvious debris that she could see, and he said he wasn’t able to clean it at all until he ran chemicals through the ductwork for the mold. That would cost upwards of $1,000. But, if she’d agree to have it done that day, he could knock the price down to $900. Using unfair pressure tactics, he required her to decide right then, and wouldn’t give her time to think it over. Lisa decided she wasn’t falling for this bait and switch. She called us at Duct Doctor USA and within no time, we assessed her systems and determined there was indeed no mold. We gave her a fair price and did the duct cleaning job right with our patent protected equipment. At Duct Doctor USA, we’ll do a thorough job without quoting one price on the phone and another when we arrive.

Duct Doctor’s advice: Why should consumers beware of the “So-Called duct cleaners”

Consumers should beware of ‘blow-and-go’ firms who use scare tactics and bait you with cheap prices for “whole house duct cleaning”. Most of these type firms send one person with no more than a shop vac. Before you agree to let these people into your home, we suggest you call them back and ask the following questions:

1. What is your procedure and what kind of equipment do you use to clean my ductwork?

2. How long do you estimate that it will take to properly clean my ductwork?

3. Are you a member of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA)?

4. Will your price change once you arrive at my home?

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